The Process

Riding on the wave of light and dark Diving deep, purging out. Dismantling the chaos, Awaiting the clarity; Shedding layers, revealing the truth. Drenched in peace, bathing in faith Dabbling through the tide, staying afloat; Healing within, shining bright, Riding the wave day and night.

Mind and body

With all the scars The marks The flab The colour The weakness The insecurity The layers The anger She asked one simple question: Can you love me as it is?


(Inspired after a discussion over a meal with strangers- almost!) Talk,converse. It leads to reflections, learnings and contributions. With strangers, you make friends With known, you discover the unknown. Silence has its charm It creates wonders. Converse and know How conversations unfold blunders! One theme leads to another, Ideas get dressed in words. Wounds are … Continue reading Conversations..


Death, a dreadful word! The unbelievable slap that life gives. Especially when its a close one. Within a blink, the existence of a life is questioned. Imagine, one moment we chit chat with each other and the next moment one of us is just a body. How would a mother, father,or a close one believe? … Continue reading Death..